A one-of-a-kind political doll painted during the early days of Perestroika (Rebuilding) and Glasnost (Openess). Fronts of each doll have portraits of Boris Yeltsin, Mikhail Gorbachev, Leonid Brezhnev, Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Illyich Lenin. Beneath Yeltsin is a tri-colored map of Russia that signifies the change from Communism to Democracy. The fun begins when the dolls are flipped around. Yeltsin's doll shows a 1-ruble note going up in flames, surrounded by falling ashes, signifying the currency devaluation. Gorbachev's doll has a picture of a television, which everyone watched 24 hours a day during the early 1990s for political information. Brezhnev's doll has a bottle of Stoly (Stolichnaya Vodka), with the (Russian) slogan: "Everything for the good of the citizen", signifying the hundreds of vodka vendor stalls that sprang up in the streets overnight, Stalin has red barbed wire star for the gulag concentration camps and Lenin's doll has a red flag. All dolls are fully painted. Excellent condition. Signed by the artist. Rostov on the Don, 1992. 5 nest. 6 1/2" down to 1 1/2".

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